There’s a slight change for our internal competitions this year as we’re introducing the Photo Entry online management system. Once we’re used to it, it will make things easier for everyone. There will be a little for us all to get used to, but it won’t be difficult.
The 2023-24 internal competition calendar:

The Summer Portfolio – 4 digital images - hand-in by 28th August, slide show on 4th September.
As mentioned above, this isn’t a competition as such, but it will be a test event. There may even be some judging……
Mono Competition – 2 prints and 2 digital images - hand-in by 4th September, judging night 25th September. This will be a new competition to start the season, for both black & white prints and digital images.

Monthly League – 2 digital (colour or mono) images, 1 mono print, 2 open (colour or mono) prints - As usual, there will be four rounds of this competition for both digital and print categories and A & B levels.
1st month: hand-in by 16
th October, judging on 6th November
2nd month: hand-in by 20
th November, judging on 4th December
3rd month: hand-in by 11
th December, judging on 8th January
4th month: hand-in by 16
th January, judging on 5th February
Annual Print Competition – 4 prints - hand-in date 12th February, judging night 11th March.
The Stewart Bell Trophy – 2 digital images - hand-in by 19th February, results night 4th March, judged by the membership.

Annual Themed Panel and DPI 4 prints linked by theme, 4 open digital images - hand-in date 25th March, judging night 22nd April.

hand out the trophies at the prize giving on 29th April.

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