1. Intention
1.1 It is the intention of the Committee of Kirkintilloch Camera Club (SCIO) that
members and visitors to the club should be able to attend its meetings in a
relaxed, respectful and calm atmosphere.
1.2 The committee expect that those attending should be able to do so without feeling
that they are subjected to intimidation, or to verbal or physical abuse or inappropriate
behaviour as indicated in the Zero Tolerance Statement below.
2. General Information
2.1 This Code of Conduct includes a Zero Tolerance Statement in Part 3, a Complaints
Procedure in Part 4. Part 4 will be implemented following receipt of a complaint from
anyone that feels they have been subjected to inappropriate behaviour. It includes a
course of action to be followed by Committee Members to deal with any matter that
becomes the subject of this procedure.
2.2 The Code of Conduct indicates the club members should not behave in an
inappropriate manner when attending meetings whether on or off the premises where the
club usually meets. It also covers behaviour on social media platforms such as Facebook,
Instagram and Zoom meetings. It also includes the behaviour of visitors to the club, judges
and presenters.
2.3 The Code of Conduct also applies to persons attending the club prior to a start of a
camera club meeting and, whilst they are still on the premises after the meeting has
2.4 The Code of Conduct also covers communication between any members within the
club either by any form eg telephone calls, texts, WhatsApp, e mail or ordinary mail.
2.5 The Code will not apply to activities arranged by any member of the club away from
the club’s normal meeting place when members are not representing Kirkintilloch Camera
Club (SCIO).
2.6 Payment of the annual subscription by a member will be deemed as their acceptance
of this Code of Conduct.

3. Zero Tolerance Statement
3.1 Kirkintilloch Camera Club will not tolerance, threatening behaviour mental or physical,
racism, sexism, and abusive or offensive language from members or visitors at the
meetings of Kirkintilloch Camera Club (SCIO).
4. Complaints Procedure.
4.1 If any club member feel that they have been subjected to incidents outlined in the
Zero Tolerance Statement or have been subjected to unfair treatment, they should speak
to a committee member as soon as possible after the event. This should be preferably be
the President, Secretary or Treasurer but if the member wishes they contact an alternative
committee member.
4.2 Should the situation not be simply resolved by speaking to the committee member as
in 4.2 above the member should write or email details of their complaint to the Secretary.
4.3 The Club Secretary will in the first instance acknowledge receipt of the complaint
either in writing or by email.
4.4 Any complaint will be treated with respect and confidentiality.
The Club Secretary will as soon as practicable convene a meeting of the committee where
the complaint will be discussed, and the committee will decide what action should be
taken upon the findings of any investigation. Where possible the committee will try and
resolve the issue informally by discussing the matter with all parties concerned. Should
this outcome not be achieved then the committee will require to reconvene for a formal
decision to be taken.
4.5 Following the committee’s final decision and any sanction that has to be imposed, the
transgressor will be informed in writing or by email of any sanctions that have to be
imposed. Such sanction will remain confidential within the committee, but the
complainant will be informed and if thought necessary the general membership of the
5. Records.
5.1 Once the matter has been dealt with and resolved a written record will be made of
the complaint, investigation, and result of any sanctions imposed. The records will be kept
confidentially by the Club Secretary for a period of 7 years after which they can be
The Code of Conduct document can be downloaded here

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