Dear Members and Former Members
It is with much sadness that I write to advise the members of the death of John Logan on June 13th 2023.
John was a long-standing and valued member of KCC, he was a regular member and pre covid shutdown was at the club every week. Looking back through our records, I have found that John won the Beginners Trophy in 1996-7 and the Cassidy Shield for Beginner Prints in the same season. In 1997-98 he was awarded the Campbell Rose Bowl for Best Portrait, Judge's Choice, 2011/12 Andy Grainger Trophy for Print Panel, John continued to do well in our club competitions and inter-club competitions over many years and he continued to enter images into our club competitions prior to the shutdown.
Our records show John held the following roles, Competition Secretary from 1997- onwards, GDPU Delegate 1998-, SPF Delegate 1998_ for many, many years, I may be wrong, but I do think he held these roles for possibly a decade or more.  John helped to collate and organise the members images for all our SPF and external competitions, a huge job, which we as members are very grateful to him for.  As a new member many years ago, I still remember John approaching members with a little piece of paper, I was intrigued as to what this ritual was. Later on, I had the privilege of receiving a piece of paper... asking me for images for submission to a competition on the club's behalf! John's system was effective; his attention to detail was exceptional.  John also delighted the club with a talk one evening when he presented the membership with a sample of his extensive print collection.
It was lovely to see John joining us again when we reopened in April 2022 for a few weeks before our annual summer closure. I am sure you will all remember John and his contribution to the club.  
Kind regards
Lynne Watson
Kirkintilloch Camera Club

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