About The Club
Kirkintilloch Camera Club was first formed in 1951. The club is linked to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) through the Scottish Photographic Federation (SPF) and is a member of the Glasgow District Photographic Union (GDPU). The club became a Registered Charity in 2016 and is governed by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).
The club has its own clubrooms at 34-36 Eastside, Kirkintilloch, G66 1QH. Members are responsible for the upkeep of the premises.
As well as running our own internal competitions, we regularly take part in external competitions run by the SPF and GDPU, and compete annually in separate 'local derbies' with our near neighbour clubs.
In addition, we try to display a selection of members' prints each summer within both Bishopbriggs and Kirkintilloch Libraries.
Constitution And Governance
The business of the club is conducted by a Committee consisting of a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and not less than 5 other members, plus immediate Past president, if still a member of the club. The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting of Members held at the end of each season. The Constitution and Rules are held within the club’s website.
Funding and Subscriptions
The club is principally funded by annual subscription at a rate set by members at the AGM. Payment of the subscription is due at the start of each new season. Potential new members are welcome to attend a few meetings free of charge whilst deciding whether or not to join the club. Club funds are supplemented by donations, raffles and a voluntary collection to meet the cost of tea and coffee on club nights.
The club meets at 7.30pm each Monday night from September through to April (excluding holidays), and aims to finish around 9.30pm. A typical evening will start with an update on current club business followed by the scheduled event for that evening (see Syllabus). The club attracts a wide range of interesting speakers catering for a variety of interests and levels of expertise. Prints and digital images can be displayed with ease and most evenings include the opportunity to speak to our guests informally over a cup of tea as well as a more formal Question and Answer Session.
Tea and coffee making facilities are available on club nights with members sharing duties on a rota basis. The rota will be compiled annually by the Club Secretary. A member should arrange to swap duties with one another if they become unable to be present on their designated night.
The club’s Syllabus Secretary will compile the annual programme of events and members can review this via the club web-site. Typically, this will consist of a range of external speakers, competition judging nights, some out and about opportunities and internal club member presentations.
Internal Club Competitions
Each year features monthly league and annual competitions, as well as a "Summer Portfolio" challenge for the close season. The club has an Internal Competitions Secretary who will liaise with the external judge and is available to advise Members.
Members are encouraged to submit entries for Competitions which are held from October to March. Entering the competition not only provides the opportunity to receive feedback on members’ own photography but also provides material for the club to enter external competitions and to stage its annual exhibition.
There are two sections for the competitions - an A and a B Section.
Section A
Generally, more experienced photographers.
Section B
New or less experienced Members.
Any new members unsure of which Section to enter should provide a selection of their portfolio for consideration by the Committee and/or members experienced as SPF judges, who would then decide upon the most appropriate Section.
Methods of 'Promotion'
Promotion from Section B to Section A is decided on the basis of performance in the four Monthly Competitions only. The annual winner of the B Section League will gain promotion to the A Section for the following season. Depending on the number of B Section participants, further B Section members may be promoted e.g. for every 5 members, 1 will be promoted so if there are 10 participants 2 will be promoted, for 15, 3 etc.
Competition Judging
The Club invites an independent person to judge all of its competitions and those with other clubs. External bodies will similarly appoint independent judges for their competitions. All judges are drawn from approved SPF and GDPU lists. Both the SPF and GDPU organise training courses for Judges.
Internal - Summer Portfolio
This is a 'Combined' Section competition, with the format and subject to be announced at the Club's A.G.M prior to the Summer break.
Summer Entry Rules and Guidance
Images can be entered only if taken between the date of the A.G.M. and the competition.
A member may enter more than one set of images and the images entered will be eligible for entry within any further Club competition.
Summer Certificates and Trophies
The Tom Dickson Shield - The author the best score for all four images.
Internal – Monthly
There are 3 categories, all of which are judged and scored separately. Members can enter any or all of the categories. The categories and numbers of entries for each monthly competition are as follows;
Open (any subject) Print - 2 prints (A Section and B Section)
Open (any subject) Digital Projected Image (DPI) - 2 images (A Section and B Section)
Monochrome Print - 1 print (Combined A&B Competition)
**N.B. Under normal circumstances the Monochrome Print League will operate as one Combined Section however, during Covid restrictions, there are no Print Competitions so those are replaced by DPIs and split between Section A and B. Any subsequent changes will be advised by the Committee**
Print and DPI entries will be marked out of 20 and will be commented on by the Judge on Competition Night. The marks for each category will be totalled and the total score will identify the monthly winner for each category.
The scores will be totaled for the four monthly competitions and the competitor with the highest score will win the 'A' section or 'B' section for each respective League.
General Rules and Guidance
Whether for DPI or Print, members are advised to ensure that their monitors are properly calibrated using one of the many devices commercially available.
For print competitions, members can either use a home printer or have their work commercially printed. Prints are displayed to their best effect when mounted and when a good quality paper is used.
Note the following;-
Previous Season's entries will not be eligible for the current season.
In the current season, images from the monthly and Stewart/Bell competitions may be entered into the annual competitions.
Images entered to the monthly competitions should not be re-entered to subsequent monthly competitions unless they can fairly be viewed as “substantially altered”. Conversion from colour to mono, or vice versa, would be acceptable. Minor crops or alterations to contrast or tone (as advised by a judge for example) would not qualify as substantially altered. These can however be entered into the annual competitions.
All prints must be mounted on board with the maximum size of board being 50cm x 40 cm.
Digital Images should be re-sized to 1600px by 1200px in landscape format or 1200px height for portrait format – the width will sort itself out. Resolution to be 96px per inch. Please do not submit images larger than this.  It is recommended that you use the sRGB profile. Images should be in jpeg format and e-mailed to the Internal Competition Secretary by the Hand-in night at the latest.
All Prints entered should be titled, and be accompanied by a completed Entry Form (available from the Competition secretary on hand-in night). The Member’s name should not be shown on the Print. Members are asked to submit their entries in an appropriate bag or cover with their name on it.
While the Club will make every effort to ensure the safekeeping of prints submitted for competitions or exhibitions the Club can accept no liability for any loss or damage.
Monthly Certificates and Trophies
The Monthly winners for each category and each section will receive a Club certificate. At the Club's end of season AGM the league winners will receive the relevant trophy as follows;-
The Coronation Cup - A Section Print League competition winner
The Kirkintilloch Trophy — B Section Print League competition winner
President's Trophy — 'Combined' Section Monochrome Print competition winner
The Blair Plate — 'Combined' Section Digital Image competition winner
**N.B. Allocation of trophies may require to be altered, especially due to Covid impact**
Internal – Annual
There are three categories for the annual competition, as follows;
Open Print - 4 prints (A Section and B Section)
Open Digital - 4 DPIs ('Combined' Competition)
Themed Print Panel - 4 Prints of Member's choice ('Combined' Competition)
Annual Entry Rules and Guidance
The existing A Section and B sections will apply to the annual Print competition.
The members with the highest total score for each category in each section will be the winners.
Prints and PDIs entered to the season's Monthly competitions may be entered in the Annual Competition.
Same rules as to size of mounts/boards i.e. (max 50cmx40cm) and DPI resolution (max 1600x1200px) apply.
Previous seasons’ entries will not be eligible for the same category in the current season.
The Stewart/Bell Trophy
This is a digital image competition judged by the membership of the club with a single open section -no A or B division.
The entry will comprise of 2 digital images in the usual format neither of which can have been used in a previous club competition. i.e. new images.
They can be colour or monochrome.
The images will be circulated to the membership with a score sheet prior to the competition date, asking for each member to pick their top 3 images.
The scores will be collated and the winner announced on the competition night.
Annual Certificates and Trophies
The winners for each category and each section will receive a Club certificate. At the Club's end of season AGM the winners will receive the relevant trophy for each competition, currently as follows;-
The Kilsyth Cup - A Section Annual Print competition winner
The Beginner's Trophy — B Section Annual Print competition winner
The Turner Cup - The author of the best Print, Judge's choice
The Andrew Grainger Trophy - The author of the best panel of Prints
The Caurnie Cup — 'Combined' Section Annual Digital Image competition winner
The Henderson Quaich - The author of the best Digital Image, Judge's choice
The Stewart Bell Trophy – The best Digital Image as voted for by the members
**N.B. Allocation of trophies may require to be altered, especially due to Covid impact**
External Competitions – Introduction
The Club appoints an External Competitions Secretary who will liaise with external bodies and is available to advise Members.
The Club aims to take part in a number of external events annually. A Selection Committee, comprising of the External Competition Secretary and four club Members choose the Club's entries from images previously entered into the Club's internal competitions. This is why it is very important that members take part in Internal Competitions, both to gain experience and to increase the range of images available to the Selection Committee.
Scottish Photographic Federation
The Scottish Photographic Federation (SPF) runs several competitions throughout the year and camera clubs throughout Scotland participate. The Club will try to submit an entry to SPF Competitions where practical. Entries will normally be drawn from the previous year's Club Competitions. The cost of entry is met from Club funds.
Note that Members are free to submit individual entries to certain SPF competitions, which must be submitted through the External Competition Secretary. In such cases the cost of entry must be met by the individual Member.
Glasgow District Photographic Union
The Glasgow District Photographic Union (GDPU) consists of those clubs located more or less in the West of Scotland and holds Competitions such as the DPI Competition. Clubs are organised in mini groups/leagues.
Local Club Competitions
There are local arrangements whereby the Club competes annually with Airdrie & Coatbridge, usually in January, with Stirling & Falkirk mid-March (Williamson Trophy) and Milngavie & Bearsden in April. The Competitions cover both Prints and DPIs.
SPF North Central Area — "5 Way Competition"
Held mid-November in rotation between — Kirkintilloch, Stirling, Falkirk, Cumbernauld & Kilsyth and Airdrie & Coatbridge. Entry is 5 Prints (either Mono or Colour) and 5 DPIs. A Maximum of 2 pieces of work from the same author is allowed in each section.
SPF Annual DPI
Around November the SPF run a competition for clubs in DPIs.
SPF Annual Print
In January/February the SPF have their major Print Competition in Scotland covering both Colour and Monochrome Prints. Kirkintilloch usually enters up to around 50 Prints if available and the top scoring 10 prints in Colour and the top scoring 10 Prints in Monochrome are added together to give a Club score and ranking.
SPF Annual Portfolio
In May/June the SPF organise the Print and DPI Portfolio Competition covering both Colour and Monochrome Prints and DPI's. The Club entry consists of 4 Colour, 4 Monochrome Prints and 6 DPI's. Individual Member entries are accepted via the camera clubs. The top images are accepted for the Portfolio which is copied on CD and made available to the Clubs who enter. The top scoring entries go forward to National Competitions (i.e. UK wide PAGB competitions).
GDPU John Duffy
The GDPU runs a competition known as the John Duffy Portfolio and Clubs submit 4 Prints which are judged and the top 50 comprise the Portfolio and are exhibited in GDPU affiliated Camera Clubs.
GDPU Portfolio Competition
This is held at the beginning of the season and is open to entry from affiliated clubs. Successful entries will be made available online to allow clubs to show these at any suitable time throughout the season. There is no fee for participation.
The competition consists of 3 categories – colour, monochrome and nature. Each club can submit 4 DPIs per category with no more than 1 image per author per category i.e. the same author can enter no more than 1 image in each of the 3 categories.

Club Media
Members are encouraged to make full use of our web-site as it is a valuable resource.
Kirkintilloch Camera Club SCIO
Our Facebook page where members can submit images and comments on anything of photographic interest.
KCC Outings
Our What’s App group where details of any outings are posted.
Our Twitter account for general photography tweets or re-tweets.

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