The final competition night of the year is a double header, as we have the annual Themed Panel and DPI competitions.
A Themed Panel entry consists of four prints (usual size restrictions), all photos to be connected to the theme which the entrant has chosen. This can be a fairly wide theme. Possibles include places, people, activities, maybe even a colour could be a theme. The possibilities are endless. The judge will consider the quality of each photo, as well as how it fits the overall theme.

The Annual DPI competition is similar to the Annual Print competition. Four photos should be entered (usual dimensions) and the winner is whoever gets the highest score from all four of their entries totalled. A 'best photo on the night' will also be judged.

Photos which have previously been used in the season’s monthly competitions, or the Stewart Bell, can be reused for these, either in their original form or with new editing, perhaps as advised by the monthly judge.

In 2023, the hand-in date for these competitions is 27th March. Judging night will be 17th April.

The 2021-22 winner-
Wee Joe
by Robert McKinstray

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